Highly respected worldwide in Telecom / IT industrie for his technical, business and people leadership. A successful track record in breakthrough technologies and penetration of high­tech markets in Internet,Telecom and Security. With over twenty years experience his experience ranges from system engineer, lead architect, technical director and CTO. He has hands on experience in writing specifications and promoting them within standardization comity and convince customers to adopt them. He has a proven ability to manage complex development and secure budgets on high risk innovative projects and to deliver. 

Key Skills

  • Innovation ­  forward vision on market impacts induced by disruptive technologies, innovating in new infrastruture and software concepts, respected internationally by  industry peers and competitors, for project outputs, publications and conferences.
  • Leadership ­ creating and leading distributed teams, rebuilding broken operations, motivating and reorganising during merger and acquisition. Standardising  quality control processes (ISO9000, CMM level3, Version control, bug management, automated tests).
  • Technologies – mastering all components of the Infrastructure, Sécurity, Identity, Network and Operating system. Designing with modern tools (UML, C++, Python, Java, PHP), reusing smartly (Linux, Virtualisation, AJAX web interface, OpenSource projects : MySQL, SubVersion, Apache, MongoDB, SOAP, RedBoot, OpenSSL, LDAP, Asterisk, OpenID, SAML2).
  • Business awareness – meeting key customers and reviewing infrastrastructure solutions for main European and world wide markets. Handling R&D team and marketing groups, leading large tenders response. Succeeding in opening up difficult markets (France, Nordic Countries, Turkey, Spain, UK, North America and Asia Pacific)

Full Resume  [here]